Early-stage Investments

Blockchain Investments

All Gravy is a financial wellness solution that provides companies with tools to improve their employees’ financial well-being by giving them earned wage access, a full overview of their shifts and earnings, and support for building savings and goals. With a 70% adoption rate, All Gravy is a popular employee benefit that helps increase employee motivation and satisfaction. It is easy to integrate with existing systems and does not impact on current finance workflows. 

Palett is a revolutionary meal delivery service that prioritizes both taste and health. Palett’s team of chefs and nutritionists work together to create delicious, convenient and colorful meals that inspire customers to make healthier choices. With their unique meal kit option and take-away service through partnerships with leading delivery companies, Palett makes it easy for customers to enjoy healthy meals at home or on-the-go. We believe that Palett’s innovative approach to meal delivery will set them apart in the industry and we are excited to be a part of their growth.

Introducing Pluto, the premier investing app for connecting and collaborating with friends. With Pluto, you can see your friends’ portfolios, get notified when they trade, and discuss the latest market opportunities. Investing with Pluto is easy and affordable, you can start with as little as $1. With Pluto, you can also share tips and discuss the markets with your friends, helping you make more informed investment decisions.

Sign up now to see what your friends are up to and get notified when they make a move. Invest smarter and have more fun with Pluto.

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